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Incrementalism is the single best arrow in Satan's quiver...It is a subtle approach to change masked as genuinely positive, and since it always comes in slow, bite size chunks over time, you do not even feel that you have been deceived until too late. The Latin word, "increscere" means simply to to increase, but the rest of the word holds the key to understanding the true meaning and ultimate usage, and that is, "mental." In Latin it's "mentum" for singular or "menta" for plural. You may have heard this phrase used in many courtrooms by lawyers, "non compos mentis." It means not of sound mind or insane." Now take this knowledge and apply "insanity or non compos mentis" or incrementalism to a few examples such as:
  1. political changes
  2. biblical changes
  3. minority changes
  4. majority changes
  5. belief changes
  6. value changes
"Change" has been the mantra of new generations for centuries. Almost all change appears to be logical and rational on the surface. It's when you understand that often, just below the surface there are many less obvious agendas at work. For example, moral boundaries in this decade have been stretched beyond recognition. How do you change the moral fiber of a 300 year old country? One small, bite size chunk at a time, so that no one in their right mind could be against, like feeding the hungry, caring for children, and assisting the old. All of these are fundamental concepts are found in our Bibles today. We are told to care for all those in need out of all that we produce. Meals on wheels, no child left behind, Social Security, and Medicare all were all positive social changes at the beginning with the best of intentions, at least most of the time.

Remember the days when if you had a problem you settled it between the two parties. No lawyer, no courtroom and no arbitration was ever needed, just plain old, common sense. In the OT, Moses said, "An eye for an eye." It was a simple, but perfect metaphor and justly expedient. Today, it's no longer justice being pursued, because of a conflagration of laws, both new and old, have been torturously manipulated, so that we can't tell the victim from the criminal. Consider these examples of manipulation below. They all started out on a righteous path before men made their changes over time.

  1. The Word of God has been translated, decoded,  and deciphered by all mankind over the centuries, relegating it to an excuse for division, strife and hatred, none of which was ever intended by the authors. It started out in small pieces over time. Each book and/or letter was carefully crafted just like the Book of Revelation by John of Patmos. Jesus told John exactly what to write, so that the future would no longer be an enigma to believers, and it was meant to be understood by all. The Bible was never meant to cause wars, damage nations or be the subject of man's dissection and interpretation, and yet for the last 2000 years we have never stopped our ridiculous machinations. So the book itself, started with inspiration and best of the best of intentions by the writers. Regardless that holy book became the worst possible justification to slaughter, starve and altogether disrespect by color, country and creed. To this day, mankind uses it to justify sinful acts everywhere in this world. Part of its eternal beauty is that it was meant to bind us together, not sacrilegiously used to rip us apart.
  2. Dr. Martin Luther King was a Pastor and Christian first, while remaining a staunch supporter of civil rights and civil disobedience. He has been gone now for 46 years. If you actually read, "I Have a Dream," you will understand that nowhere in this remarkable speech from 1968 did he mention the use of force, rioting, or killing. He was careful to spell out in detail how his dream could be accomplished by establishing all us as equals, not only in the sight of God, but also in our everyday lives and in every community. Not only did he give this speech in our nation's capitol, but it has been recorded for posterity as the most important speech of the 20th century. Dr. King wanted to bring people together, not separate them. He wanted every color to play, work and raise their families together without fear and without prejudice. Like our Bible, Dr. King's speech has been ripped apart, misinterpreted and misrepresented for 46 years. It was the right time. It contained the right words. It was the right speaker, and yet at this point in time it continues to be abused for the cause of racism. Slowly, but surely his words have been twisted and turned to meet someone's desire to fuel the fire of discord, strangling the minds and lives of many.
  3. The Founding Father's of our country gave us, The Declaration of Independence, and the US Constitution. Many of us have never read these documents much less studied them for their own edification. I watched Jay Leno one night when he had his reporter asking questions to people in LA. With microphone in hand, he asked the crowd what they knew about these two historical documents. Half had heard of them, but couldn't remember anything of substance about them. The other half never heard of these historical documents. Just like one and two above, the passage of time and the short-term memory of mankind has diminished, distorted, and all but destroyed the original intentions of the writers, one bite sized chunk at a time. "We the people" has been slowly transformed into we the government right before out very eyes. Today our principles of governing have morphed from values founded in our country's history and a genuine love of God, to an ever growing octopus of confusion, collusion and conflict. There are so many tentacles and moving parts of the ungodly leviathan we have made, we don't even recognize any branch of the US Government anymore. The historically impartial Dept of Justice has now become politicized, polarized and paralyzed. Legality based on the laws of our land has, slowly but surely, been eroded, and now jurisprudence everywhere makes it up as they go along. If they don't like it, they ignore it or change it on their own. Our congress is so corrupt, so arrogant, and so not interested in serving, "We the people," it forces you into denial, because you can't believe that they would stoop so low. And finally the President of "change" has done anything but make genuine change with the country's best interest in mind. His job has been politicized and publicized to the point that right and wrong, good and bad, and any other boundary by our laws are all virtually extinct. 

Currently I am knee deep in the book of Revelation. I am on my second complete reading, because it's difficult to comprehend the truth of John's visions. The examples above have been predicted in the Book of Revelation. Not only am I trying to determine what God said about the days, weeks and years leading up to Judgement Day, but I am attempting to understand the verbal images of the end of the world as we know it. The opinions about this book could wallpaper the world; however, I do not believe that God was being purposely esoteric, so the answers are there. They just require more digging and more praying than any other book in the Bible. 

"We the people" of God are participating in this nefarious incrementalism every day. For example, look hard at the time you spend with God. Chances are that over time, you have done what most of us do. You short-change God and your soul for something more important, and it seems to have a good, rational reason. Really our logical minds have replaced what is supremely important, and made something less important than God become more important than something going on in your life right now. Satan smiles every time we sacrifice the health and happiness of our soul for something that produces immediate results, gratification or satisfaction. 

One thing about the mystery of Revelation, that is unmistakable. Our God wants all mankind in heaven with him. Clearly, even after the rapture, everyone will have the choice to believe in God or not... I remain fascinated by his long-suffering and magnanimous grace over centuries of being maliciously maligned, denigrated, disparaged and vilified, by every nation on earth, including his "chosen." 

There are many reasons I believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Certainly I can see the mountains, the rivers, the trees, the flowers, the sunlight, and feel the wind. He makes himself known to every one of our senses, if we just allow him to do so. I see the animals, the insects, the birds, and the fish; each with a purpose in a God created eco-system created to sustain all life and waste nothing. But most of all his love is truly beyond compare. After all these years of our sin and disbelief, he still cares. After killing his planet, his lakes, his streams and his wildlife, he still cares. After all the arrogance, the stealing, the manipulating, the killing, the idolatry, the gluttony and the swearing, he still cares. I could go on, but hopefully you get the point. Finally, the Book of Revelation is explicit about the fact that you can call on and stand up for God at any time and in any place. So if you do not believe today, and you don't believe tomorrow, please understand that you will get a last chance to repent and believe with your whole heart. He did it in Golgotha for the thief on the cross next to him, and he can do it for you. It's always been that way, and will continue to the end.

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