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The Dream Reader and the Prophet, Daniel #3

OK, I said I was done with Daniel, but I feel compelled to include this last section, because of its extreme importance to all believers and non-believers as well. You may not like what is written from here on out because it paints the picture of the Book of Revelation 18 or nineteen centuries BEFORE it was written by the Apostle Paul of Patmos. Since the word revelation in the original Greek was the word, "apokalypsis," or unveiling, it makes Daniel's words with Gabriel, "pre-apokalypsis," if you will. 

Now that we have examined the key characters in The Book of Daniel that created the story-line from what on the surface appears to be about an ancient king who can't figure out what his dreams meant, followed by three Jewish boys who refused to worship anyone except God himself, and culminating with Daniel himself being put in the Lion's Den, we now are ready for "the rest of the story." Paul Harvey, bless his soul, would be proud...

The "denouement," or the real tapestry on which this book is built from beginning to end is all about the co-minglingly of dual prophecies. The FIRST beginning with King Nebuchadnerzzar was from the beginning of his rule going forward for 483 years. The SECOND prophecy is the one that concerns all mankind from before the time of Babylon and after Nebuchadnezzar's reign, all the way to present day. In simple terms it means all of us! We are all in this together, whether you like it or not. You can be atheistic, agnostic, Islamic, Christian, or Catholic, it does NOT matter. All of mankind's collective souls will be judged by the Lord and Creator, Himself. The FIRST prophecy, and the way it was delivered to the Babylonian King gave Daniel instant credibility in a foreign land, with a people who believed in sacrificing children to their gods. Daniel's credibility then and the 2000 centuries to follow, not only give Daniel instant credibility with the human race up to day, but also unmistakable, solid creditably of what happens, and how, during the final 70 years that we live in these mortal bodies on this earth.  Exactly 483 years of time time from their date, which is agrued to be around 500 BC., prefacing biblical prophecy concerning the actual "END OF DAYS" with an accurate prediction of the next 483 years after the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. The first half of this prophecy is history, but the 2nd half is in the future. Here is what Gabriel said to Daniel.  Starting in Chapter 2:45 we read the message from Gabriel with these exact words, "The Great God hath made known to the king (Nebu) what shall come to pass hereafter; and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof is sure."
God sent Gabriel twice to Daniel. The first time was for the near term prophecy that covered a predetermined, calculated timeframe, 483 years. Daniel gave the information to the king to satisfy his need for interpretation, but neither of them could have fully comprehended that this was going to be a true and accurate prediction of what was going to happen in that part of the world for the next five centuries. Since Gabriel actually appeared to Daniel to give him this information, he must have faithfully accepted it. I mean, how often do you get visited by any angel, much less one of the archangels; however, what about Nebuchadnezzar? It reminds me of the Bill Cosby take of God's conversation with Noah. I mean no disrespect but Nebu had to say, "right," and then he just got on with life, like nothing had happened. We will never know if it really meant anything to the king, except that he gained a new respect for Daniel, as well as the Hebrew nation in general. I suspect that Nebu knew our God. Whether he actually believed, we will learn. Also it got Daniel promoted, because he was able to answer questions about life and death that not one of his thousands of "ecumenical" priests from that time could do. Can you imagine having details of the next 483 years just handed to you by an angel. What would you do with the blueprint of the future just handed to you? Would you write it down like Daniel or even think to author of this book? History has proven that this First prophecy actually happened the way it is written!
Remember I said this was the preface? Well here is why...Later in this book after the Lion's Den and the Fiery Furnace, we get back to the yet unwritten portion of the prophetic tapestry, which covers the 70 years leading up to last days before God sits on his throne in judgement. It is almost as if God through Gabriel is telling us to review Daniel's prophecy about the 483 years that happened two millennium ago, so that we will know beyond any doubt, that the prophecy concerning the "End Time" is just as accurate, down to the last detail. 

Here is the real message from God through Gabriel to Daniel. It has taken me with the help of my three closest friends to decipher this the way God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit intended (also known as my three closest friends). Following closely you will see that  this divine tapestry was made perfect for us by our God...It will add an additional blessing to any of you who build or create beauty where there was nothing before. 

The first step in true understanding of the importance of Daniel is that despite being written chronologically by typical chapter and verse, the actual story line pays no attention to traditional writing parameters of the time. This book, inspired and written by Daniel, is like listening to the end of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. The last movement takes you in several different directions, effortlessly, while building an underlying crescendo without you ever sensing or understanding what it is. It starts out tiny, "crescendo." and ends up enormous as the final "Crescendo," making everything in this book fit divinely. Here are the pieces. They are all important in their own right, but studying them as precursors to the final movement of God and the handling of his creation for all time, makes this the grandest crescendo of all time. Think about the major subplots first:
  1. David and Nebuchazzner hook up to give a Hebrew named, Daniel, instant credibility, both secular and spirtual.
  2. The Hebrew boys refuse to bow and worship the king, so they are sentenced to the furnace. When they are not harmed they gain the same credibility as Daniel. 
  3. Daniel, for not kneeling to the king, gets tricked into being tossed into the lion's den. When he survived what happened? Nebuchadezzar proclaimed allegiance to Daniel's God, yes, the one we worship today as the "ONE TRUE GOD OF ALL MEN."
The faithfulness of Daniel and the Boys proved to be bigger in old Babylon that anyone could have imagined, but the best was still coming, and yes, the pun is intended. Daniel, the Boys and the king believed the SECOND REVELATION, delivered by Daniel a the end of the book. Gabriel makes a 2nd trip to visit Daniel more than two millenia ago to let him know the progression of the final 70 years of human existence. Why did God do it this way? I am not certain of the reasons, but I am certain that God will use any righteous soul to deliver His message untarnished or diluted by human hands. 

The timeline is true and credible because of four Hebrews and an idolatrous king. As Gabriel says to Daniel,  "and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof is sure."

Our creator longs for pure hearts that will trust and obey, not out of any legalistic bureaucratic nonsense, but based on simple, but genuine combination of immovable trust in Him and the willingness to obey His  word and way of life in place of ours. 

I pray that you will maintain your belief system to the very end of your life, or life as we currently know it. God never has his hand out...Don't confuse His offer of salvation as some sort of spritual welfare program, but understand that he can see everything in your soul all day, any day. God does not play shell games, He knows what you are hiding and why...You have to want it and be willing to be honest now and pay your dues, recognizing that the task before you will be difficult, as he keeps his side of the bargain and prepares you for eternity with him.

Thank you Daniel...Thank you Schadrack, Meshack and Abednego...

But most of all thank you God allowing us to understand and grow  spiritually together. 

The Digital Disciple

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