Sunday, September 30, 2012


Just the other day I was talking to God about a great many things from the scripture passage that I was reading in Isaiah. Concentration was difficult for me, because I remain deeply disturbed about the four Americans killed in Benghazi, Libya two weeks ago, and the ineptness our government to come together as one people during this crisis. Both Presidential candidates made a political football out of the loss of human life. "We the people," have no more hallowed ground...Everything is up for sale if you can make a buck or get a vote. We have replaced decency and dignity for our fallen with division, derision and dis-respect. Our chosen path is cluttered with our own man-made gods. We have a god of Wealth. We have a god of Power. We have a god of Deception. We have a god of War. We have a god of Sex. We have a god of Avarice. We have a god of Prejudice.  The list goes on, but you get the picture.

Out of this senseless tragedy, I see our great nation, once solidly founded on the principles of God, Family and Country, now flaying weakly in the wind, because we have abandoned all three of these principles. The one true God and Creator of Heaven and Earth, got thrown under the bus in the good old USA decades ago. The "One God" has been replaced by the many gods. We have excised our Creator virtually out of existence, because we chose, on our own, to worship elsewhere. God will not forget our 21st century idolatry, and will not forgive his rejection everywhere. I live in America, so I am particularly sensitive to my own culture, but this goes for all people from Sodom to Gomorrah and everyone in between.

Family value, family tradition, and family love is being replaced by Facebook, Google+, Kindle, iPads, iPhones, Email, Instant Messaging, Texting and Twitter. We have digitized and desensitized our children by trading in parental guidance and responsibility for You Tube and Reality TV. Discipline and Truth have been replaced by the new standards of modern life in the USA: Dollars, Votes, Hits and Clicks. All else is part of another ERA. If you are not pushing productivity by taking advantage of family, friends and acquaintances  you are "old school," or maybe "dinosaur" would even be more accurate. 
So where does this virtually extinct (pun intended) dinosaur come down on the subject of country? He literally has to hold back the tears, as he describes the country that once was...I suspect anyone who makes it into their 60's gains a modicum of knowledge and wisdom, no matter what country you live in at the moment. No matter what Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh pound out every day about impending doom, don't believe all of it or be mislead by their supposedly "altruistic" intentions, anymore than you should believe ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Government and the power of the MEDIA have us in a vice, and they inculcate 300 million people everyday by telling them only what they want them to know, so that control and power remains in the same few hands. Our country runs in place very hard everyday without ever really solving the critical issues facing this economic and spiritual titanic.

If you are polarized on the left or the right, you have missed the 
point. The electoral process that was put in place long ago to assure fairness has literally put us to sleep, making certain that those in power remain entrenched, all the while burying us with information to the point of sheer lunacy. When will were understand that we get sold a bill of goods every time  and end up with nothing except the check. Now that check is so big, that even the largest economy in the world cannot pay for it... There is only one place to find pure, unadulterated truth. We have had parts of it for 5,000 years. The Word of God was written by men and divinely inspired by God. Look there for your answers. Look there for your guidance. Look there for your value system.
The world has 8 billion people alive and well as of this writing. Many billions more have died over the centuries of recorded history. Most likely more will populate this planet for the next millennia...All of them, past, present and future have one thing in common, and that is ETERNAL LIFE. Christians spend their time arguing about how and when you were saved. Catholics believe you must have final confession or absolution. Muslims believe that you must follow Allah and the teachings of Muhammad. Atheists belief in no after life, Hindus believe in re-incarnation. Well guess what, the truth is that all of mankind received this divine benefit of ETERNAL LIFE at the moment of your first breathe. You do not get a choice or a vote. It can't be bought, sold or rejected. Despite centuries of doctrine and division from all the scholars, the truth of it remains immutable.

So my friend, it was never about the after-life...It is guaranteed to all mankind. The only thing up for discussion is whether you choose to spend that after-life with God or without God. It does not matter if you choose not to believe or not to participate, wherever you live. When you take your last breathe in this life, you, your children and your grandchildren will enter an after-life. Stop listening to the pundits and talking heads, who want to debate the definition of your soul. In the end, it all comes down to you and you alone. Give God a chance and receive the only gift that lasts more than your lifetime. The next life is not "priceless" like the cute MasterCard commercials. Despite your sin and our collective sin, "His hand remains extended" at great personal sacrifice by our Lord and Savior.
God Bless,                                   

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