Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Since the world has been spellbound with the trial of George Zimmerman, I thought I would take a moment to use this trial or any public trial for that matter, as an analogy for Romans Chap 2, so that we can have a current example of what's coming in our future. Usually I write about what was done or said in the past and try to make it pertinent for the 21st century. So Post #50 (L), is looking towards what will happen, instead of what happened. 

Courtroom drama has been a big draw for all forms of media in our lifespan. Every channel now has at least an hour of daily courtroom antics, that get watched by multi-millions of people. High visibility cases, like OJ Simpson, Michael Jackson, and now, George Zimmerman involve tens of million viewers from all parts of the globe. Some are left-wing, right-wing, centrists, libertarians, black, white, Hispanic and on ad nauseum. Just as importantly any country with TV, radio, the Internet, or a local newspaper gets bombarded with good old US of A news, especially something of such importance as our criminal justice system.

In the future there will be one, final courtroom drama! It's kind of like the Supreme Court on steroids...God himself will be the JUDGE of all mankind. The Bible is clear that he will sit on his throne (judgement seat), and review the facts of each, individual life from the beginning of mankind until the Day of Judgement. Today witnesses, proof and prior acts get tossed out of court all the time, weakening the judicial process and making the criminal into a victim all too often. Over time incredibly smart attorney's have virtually turned the courtroom into a circus by dismissing evidence and the best one ever devised is calling for an insanity plea. Undeniable proof has been denigrated to the point of switching the roles of criminal and victim. Certainly this is a sad state of affairs, but it's what we have evolved into during this century. Judicial law has been loop holed to death, giving a pass to the rich, and ridiculous sentences to the poor, all in the name of the DOJ.

It's always been a question of mine, and simply put, "How does God remember billions of lives from our planet, when He dispenses individual judgement." I stumbled upon what I believe is the answer to that question from my own personal experience. I have spent literally years of my life in pain. One time during the pain relief process of drugs and rehab, I had hallucinations that were as real to me as could be imagined, from seeing people, places and things, to being visited by Satan himself. Post hallucinogenic experience, I was told by my psychiatrist what happened. Hidden in your gray matter and mine is an electronic/digital  memory system that functions behind a thin vale recording every day of your life. It's kind of like the "Wizard of 
Oz,"when the man behind the curtain is revealed to the dismay of Dorothy, the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow. Finally the Wizard tells them that they always had exactly what they needed already inside them.

It is much the same with our life history. It has been organized and kept in a small section of your brain. When hallucinating, I am told, the thin vale that hides all of your data history gets pierced, and once in a while, something goes through, from the subconscious to your conscious mind. Point being that God does not have to remember your past, you have it on the inside already. So everything that you have ever thought or done in this life has been recorded and is available to Him whenever or wherever. 

The Apostle Paul says in Romans 2 that if you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you have most likely done the same thing in secret. "God's judgement will be based on truth." When we sin "in the dark," God says we are in "contempt," of His kindness, forbearance and patience. Ever seen an attorney get charged with contempt of court? Not a pretty sight and usually the attorney spends the night in jail, so that the judge can make his point. We live in contempt of the Most High Court of God Almighty every day we breathe His air, drink His water and feel the warmth of His sun. 

We will all die in a short period of time, some shorter than others, and some much longer than they seem to deserve. Only two men did not die in the history of the Bible, Enoch and Elijah. Enoch was faithful and obedient to the bone, and Elijah was an amazing prophet, who stood with God in good times and bad. Imagine a life so pure, so dedicated, so loyal, and so devoted to our God. Now look at your life, and all those things you have done in supposed darkness, where no one will see or know. God says you and I are in CONTEMPT! There will be no attorney's, there will be no loop holes, their will be no sin that you can wiggle out of before Him...There is only one, singular path to make it through the Day of Judgement, and that is to have Jesus Christ take your place. He has and will step in for you. He will "bear your stripes!" He will provide mercy from this courtroom and your sentencing. 

If these facts from Roman 2 don't make you delight in your God, please check your pulse. You may be alive, but you are dead to God.


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