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If you recall, the Saul of Tarsus, the Pharisee, was a high ranking Hebrew whose job it was track down early Christians, 99.9% of which were Gentiles, and take them back to Jerusalem for trial in shackles. Saul was not only a Pharisee, but also a member of the "Zealots for Judaism" according to one source. This means he believed he was on a mission to eradicate this infection called Christianity. Somewhere on a road to the capital of Syria, which is Damascus, in approximately 33AD, Saul was knocked off of his horse, when a sudden blinding light shone on him and his horse. The pure white light of Jesus most probably burned the retina's in his eyes. Do you remember when God told Moses not to look directly at Him? Probably the same thing...However, blinded and of falling off the horse, Lord Jesus spoke directly to him saying, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?"

I am certain that he was in, "Pharisaical Shock."This is a new term, and it's all mine, I think. Saul was completely blown away in modern terminology. The man was overwhelmed, overcome and overpowered by the Son of God in person and in all His glory. I am certain that he was stunned in every way possible when Jesus began talking directly to him...Jesus knew that this is exactly what it would take to turn a persecutor of all things Christian into a purveyor and protector of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. How often does God take the worst and make them the best? That message is loud and clear to all of us...God can use anyone, anywhere, anytime, and He knows exactly what you will need for conversion, just like He knew for me.

How long was he stunned? Well, imagine being face to face with Jesus. You are immediately blinded, and then asked a question. It had to be rhetorical, because I am sure that he was speechless during this entire process. We know he was blinded for three days. This proud Jew had to be knocked down hard and kept there in order for this hardened heart to be melted and filled with the Holy Spirit. When a combination or key to a safe is lost, you have to break it at the hinges to gain access. The vessel, called Saul, had to be broken at the hinges, much the same way. 

God sent Ananias to cure his blindness, but when asked to do so, he flinched because of the reputation of this well known Pharisee. I am sure Ananias thought he would end up in shackles like many of his brethren, but he trusted and then obeyed God. There my friend is true faith at work. The early church never wasted time worrying about faith versus works, or all of the components of salvation that men have put in place through the ages. Pure and simple Ananias believed His God. As a result of Jesus and Ananias, miraculously, Saul the Pharisee zealot became Paul, not one of the original 12, but a powerful voice, none the less, especially for his fellow Jews still caught up in OT legalism and waiting for the Messiah. Imagine never realizing that they had persecuted and killed the Messiah that they were and still are waiting for to this day.

A dedicated and educated Jew needed to have Jesus come down and handle his conversion personally. No angels, no other Christians, JUST JESUS...You see our Lord needed a quarterback for the early church. He needed someone to throw some passes, like the Book of Acts and 8 other letters to the early churches. He has 9 separate books in Canon that we call our Bible today. He was the first example of traditional Jews joining hands and hearts in Christ...The Jews and the Gentiles were the first racists. The Jews always felt superior because they were the "chosen." Only the gospel of Jesus Christ could smash the walls of hate from 3500 years of history. Only Jesus could take polar opposites buried in sin and segregation, and synthesize them into saints for his honor and glory. Divine Alchemy breaks down the highest walls of race, color and creed, changing Saul into Paul forever, just like changing lead in gold. Are you soft and malleable like pure gold or are you still heavy with sin and hardened on the inside, all the while remaining impermeable like lead? Open your arms and your heart, like Saul below...

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I purposely did not define Antinomianism in this post. Those of you who googled it, great...Those that did not, you now know.

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