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                                          MEANT TO BE READ OUT LOUD      
Interestingly I started this post several weeks ago; however, it had vanished when I opened it up today to continue. I had several paragraphs completed and was ready to finish it, but I had to start over. During this last week I found some new resources devoted to the Book of Revelation, that are frankly incredible. These important books will become a big part of my future research. They are filled with amazing clarity from two different men whose vast knowledge and unique interpretation of every key word provides an additional level of knowledge, so that conclusions drawn can be more accurate. Clarity is always in the eye of the beholder, but intellectually honest translation with no hidden agenda is rare. Not only do they provide an educated opinion of their own, but they also provide the historical context. From my vantage point, their views are didactic and filled with deep expository accuracy. The actual words of our God, in the Word of God, provide not only an amazingly powerful tool, but also insight into what our Lord has on his mind. In fact, in Revelation the Word of God is pictured as a two-edge sword.
                                     THE WORD OF GOD IS LIKE A TWO-EDGED SWORD

This was the most popular sword in the world at that time, because it was strong, sharp and symmetrically steady. In John's lifetime, this Roman sword was superior to all others. No matter the parry or thrust, this weapon could quickly cut left and then right, slash from any angle or lethally stab. It could be wielded with reckless abandon or precisely guided for maximum damage. This same sword could save or protect it's owner from certain death. John saw this two-edged sword coming out of the mouth of our Lord. Whether that vision was being described as an analogy or a literal divine sword, you come away knowing the Word of God's absolute power and infinite protection, physically, emotionally or spiritually. 

Today we have two-thousand years of sword making history, but even the infamous samurai sword not as sharp the pointed "V" at the tip of the sword that resembles a dual-edged scalpel today. I bring this up because despite the Word of God's power to cut, slash, or thrust, it could also be used as a scalpel to meticulously penetrate any individual heart or soul. By the way, this spiritual surgery can cut on the way in and cauterize on the way out, while simultaneously providing comfort to the weary, strength to the weak, shelter for the fallen and salvation to the lost.

                                     EVERY PAGE IS POWERED BY GOD      
Revelation 2:12, written to those in Pergamos begins with the reminder from the Angel to John, that the words of Jesus flow out of his mouth like a sword from its scabbard, and that what follows must be presented to the Pergamos church perfectly as directed. There is a lesson here for all of us... Each word from God is powerful and protective. Each word can cut out your sin, whether past, present or future, healing you as He molds you according to his divine plan not only your responsibilities in this life, but also the next.

The best example I can think of is my pending surgery. I will be having my left hip replaced at the end of the month. My surgeon with a set of scalpels will pierce deep to excise the damaged joint, just like the Word of God repairing your soul. Both can mend the problem, but leave a scar. I will carry this scar permanently, and it will remind me what had to be done for me to walk again. God will leave a scar in your conscience to remind you what had to be done for you to walk with Him again.

                                                                                        GOD KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE
Jesus said, "I see where you live, and I know what you do for a living." Unfortunately, it is right under Satan's throne. These true believers were holding on boldly to the name of Jesus, but allowed themselves to be right smack in the middle of the crowd that believed in Balaam, who was an "an enemy agent." He tricked Balak into throwing "unholy" parties on their pilgrimage. They also socialized with the Nicolaitans. They mixed their belief in Jesus with the doctrines of evil, right under the nose of Satan. Those believers were rendered ineffective for God, and God said, "ENOUGH!" You cannot ever take one part Jesus, one part Balaam and one part Nicolaitans and try to mix them...Take a look at your church and what is condones. Is it under the seat of Satan, making the true believers ineffective and basically useless to their God? If Satan and all that this life has to offer cannot cause you to recant, the evil one will settle for making you permanently impotent in the eyes of Jesus.
                                                                         THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO STAY THE COURSE               
If you, your church, your family, your friends and neighbors are caught up in this type of religious triangle, recognize it, admit it, and then change it. God knows that many have tried. It is NOT easy, but he promises you the "hidden manna" and a "smooth white stone" with your new name in Christ inscribed, and it's only for your eyes to see!!

Ever hear of the "hidden manna?" or the "white stone." Consider that for centuries manna fed the Hebrew nation and kept them alive, especially in the desert. If you recall, even when they got fresh manna daily for every person, some tried to steal it, some tried to hoard it and others just go so used to God feeding them, they expected it every day. In return God was never even thanked. "Hidden manna," was not for everyone, and we do not know if it was actually physical food. We know that there was a spot for it beside the altar in the inner chamber. The "Beit HaElohim,"or the House of God was a long hall, shaped like a rectangle, with the Ark of the Covenant at the rear. Entrance was only for the House of Levi at the beginning and later only Priests. It was where God actually had a presence. Special manna my not have been bread at all, in fact, I believe it has more to do with being fed spiritually, rather than physically. A special stone was used in ancient days as a gift to someone who had performed in some special way, above and beyond the call of duty. It was common for soldiers and gladiators to receive these for their victories. This stone could be any smooth stone, because the preciousness of the gift was in the engraving. Only you would be able to see and know your name in the next life, and you would be the only one to know until you entered his Kingdom.

God knows we tolerate sin in our lives. He also knows that we associate with others who believe in other gods that will eventually infect us over time. Balaam pushed the powers of lust and libation and the Nicolaitans did that too, as well as changed immutable doctrine about our Lord and Savior. When Jesus uses the word, "hate," we should stand up and take notice, without question. Too much fraternizing with the "enemies of God," can prove to be eternally fatal...If you want the hidden manna and the inscribed stone, you will gather everyone you know and love, while plotting another course.

                                         THE SUPREME TWO-EDGED SWORD

God bless our continued understanding...

The Digital Disciple

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