Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Eternal Soul

No matter where you were physically born in this world, you were given a very special gift that you may or may not have thought about...It became yours the moment you took your first breath, just as your heart began pumping life-blood throughout your entire body. The electrical surge needed to get you jump-started was your first gift from God. It's called your immortal soul. It's everlasting energy in its purest form that creates electrical impulses to begin and maintain this thing we call life. It never needs recharging, and it has no half life with a predetermined path of energy release that grows smaller and smaller over time. This energy is quite literally "off the chart," the Periodic Chart. It cannot be simulated, duplicated or replicated even after centuries of exhaustive study and experimentation by our greatest scientific minds.

What else do we know about this phenomenon, referred to as the "immortal soul" in the early books of the Bible, by God himself and many of his well known Hebrew servants, like Noah, Abraham, Jacob and Moses. Upon reflection, I believe that this soul is the very same, incredibly intense white light that no one throughout biblical history has ever been able to look upon and live. It is why God never appears in all his Glory. Think about it...He mostly takes a form that is almost magical, just not deadly. He guided the Israelites as a pillar of smoke, shielding them from his pure white energy for their own good.

If you follow the news, you know that in several places around the globe scientists are avidly searching newly discovered sub-atomic particles with one major goal in mind. They want to find the "God Particle." At the Cern in Geneva, Switzerland they are hurling atoms at each other in what's called The Hadron Collider. Nothing new in objects colliding, because it happens every day. What these scientists are doing is colliding atoms at the speed of light. These high-speed accelerators are very rare, but they have already opened new horizons for mankind. Some have said, and I quote, "We are knocking on Heaven's door." This "Higgs boson," named by Mr. Higgs himself, provides physical mass to every other particle in the universe...Sound familiar? 

Science believes it's just physics taken to its logical extreme. I believe it is truly magnificent new technology and hopefully it will be put to good use in the future, but we become arrogant when we talk about finding the "God Particle" and "Knocking on Heaven's Door." We should be as concerned with knowing about our own soul. It's not about the "God Particle," it's about God Almighty and all of His parts. 

Once you come to grips with your soul, and how you received it in the first place, you can then understand that there is a small, but powerful piece of His pure energy in each of us. What you do with your soul is up to you, no matter what the color of your skin, country of origin or educational background. This amazing gift from God has been a significant part of God's plan from the beginning. Yes, you can choose not to believe any of this, or you can ask yourself how your heart keeps beating, all day everyday. Where does the power for you own brain waves originate? Your body produces electricity everyday. No one knows where it comes from or why it never stops. Our internal electrical engine is a small taste of God's power placed in you at birth. We have no ever ready bunny or electrical cords. 

Give it some thought...At the very least, tell him thanks for your personal power-plant, along with the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat. 

The Digital Disciple

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