Monday, December 19, 2011

Right and Wrong...

Less than a week before Christmas, and I choose to write about a topic that has little to do with our traditional holiday festivities, but believe me when I tell you, my house will have Christ squarely in the center of everything we do...I can't tell you how many Christmases in the past were about Santa and the Ole St. Nick. I didn't get to see my children this past Thanksgiving. They had other family obligations that I certainly understand, but after 33 years of celebrating with everyone at my home or my parents home over the years, I reluctantly waited to see them at Christmas. I openly admit to the selfishness of my feelings, but with our children thousands of miles away, it's hard to give up any opportunity to see them when they travel east.

Today we live in a world of turmoil at many levels. Chronologically, the farther we get from events in our personal lives and in the global community, our vision gets distorted. It's kind of like my aging cataracts. Dr. Murray says they are aging faster than normal, and that I might have to have some repair work done in the near future. Time is generally not kind to any of us. The aging process never stops as we move through this life into the next. Just like the inevitable physical changes brought about by the passing of time, it also changes the world around us. Much of what we believed when we were young has been completely distorted over our lifetime. Do you remember when right was clearly and absolutely right? Do you remember when wrong was absolutely wrong?

We used to live in a world with boundaries. Most of them were born of laws and regulations put in place eons ago by men and women smarter than me or by God himself. It's kind of like going to a baseball game. The ball diamond has two (2) foul lines, usually in stark white chalk or paint going down the first base side and the third base side, so that the game can be played properly between the boundaries. Over time these boundaries in our lives have been all but erased, slowly but surely...Things that were clearly wrong in years past are now considered right and vice versa.

How did we end up with a justice system that makes the victims out to be wrong in many cases. For example, if someone breaks into your house at night, and you shoot him dead or worse, hurt him badly, suddenly you are the one on trial, not him or her. Where did our great nation loose its ability to distinguish between right and wrong. When did the tail of the dog start wagging the dog? How much longer can we live with minorities of all kinds wrongfully changing the standards and belief systems that our country has cherished for more than 200 years. Last week we had children tossed out of school for wearing Christmas sweatshirts made by their parents. They have been doing it for years, but suddenly one student and his atheistic family were offended, so they had to go home and change or be expelled. Two (2) years ago all references to God had to be removed from the Atlanta Capitol Building, because we supposedly were infringing on someone's rights. Our entire national school system has been forced to remove any reference to God or Jesus, because we are infringing on some minority interest group.

All of these so called "compromises" have slowly moved what is clearly wrong, and outside historical boundaries, into the playing field of our lives. It is happening every day, all around you!! Minority interests that may have torn at your heartstrings in the beginning, now have their hands squarely around you neck, especially if you have any real sense of right and wrong. Compromises in the early days were to help those in real need get established and become productive in this great county. Now we have 14 million illegal Mexicans overwhelming southern California, New Mexico and Arizona. They used to be a "tail" and the USA kept compromising again and again. Now the Mexican nationality is threatening to be the dominant race in this country by 2020. If you are Mexican and have moved here following our procedures to be a dual-national or American, I applaud your efforts and welcome. If you are here illegally, you do NOT belong here taking advantage of the American people by using are goods and services, just because you got across our border.

Once we were a nation of proud Americans, "united under God, with liberty and justice for all." The definition of "all" needs to be re-asserted, so that the majority of our American population takes its rightful place as the dominant decision maker. We have gone from being a melting pot of people looking for a new place to work and raise their families to a national dumping ground for anyone with the gaul to sneak in unawares. Americans, we need to re-establish the physical boundaries, the moral boundaries and the religious boundaries right now. Please understand that in this country, we have national boundaries, state boundaries, city boundaries, and county boundaries, just enforce them. Moral boundaries have been set up by God, but in this country, what you do with those boundaries are up to you as an American. I may not like your moral choices, but I love this country and my God. Cherish this freedom of choice, because it came from Him as well.

Religious boundaries are always in the cross hairs of every media outlet in the world. Up to the current day, we continue to mutilate each other over religious difference. Again I say with all humility, if you are an American and want to worship Allah, then go right ahead, as long as it does not impinge on my right to worship the, "God of gods." The same goes for any other religion, sect, diocese, or belief system. Religious tolerance my friends has led us down a dark path, even to the point where, atheism, gets to decide in our culture. Stop being ignorant of the ramifications of continued compromise and rationalization. There will be an end to God's Grace, just like in the story of "Sodom and Gomorrah."
It is gratifying to note that Abraham beseeches our Lord to not kill any believers left after Lot's family exited. Starting at 50, Abraham tried to intercede for the city, and our beloved God allowed and participated in the discourse. Those outside the city went back in to find more souls to save before the impending doom, while Abraham kept negotiating with God. When Abraham got down to ten (10) from fifty (50), Lot came back and verified there was not one other believer in the city. Despite God's
distress over what this city had become, He showed amazing patience with Abraham and Lot. Once everyone agreed, God issued a final warning and told everyone outside the city not to look back. Everyone obeyed except one. Lot's wife was a believer. She was on her way to God's refuge, but she had to sneak a peek, for reasons we don't know. Here fate was sealed.

My friends, as you observe the world changing around you, you may still feel protected. Trust me the infection of unnecessary compromise and ridiculous rationalization is spreading and one day soon you will have to decide to between the refuge of God and looking back. Please listen to and obey God...

The Digital Disciple

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