Friday, June 8, 2012


Sometimes I get my ideas for writing in the most unlikely places...In the past I have gotten them from complete strangers, as well as many from my family. Usually they have no idea that a word or a comment sticks with me for days and sometimes weeks. Seems to me that good ideas or observations have a ripening process in my brain. Couple that with time spent with the words of God, and "voila," you have a new posting. 

Recently I have been told that my postings are too long and often difficult to comprehend. All I can say is that I write until I stop. The sentences turn into paragraphs, and you know the rest of the story. I feel that if I limit myself to fewer words, you will not get a clear picture. Believe it or not I try to be concise and right to the point. If you are looking for a nifty paragraph for a daily challenge or something to provide instant inspiration, you are reading the wrong blog. 

My mission is simple. God's words hide in plain sight. We all have Bibles, most have computers, tablets and cell phones as well. They are all capable of providing you with His words to live by. We can read it over and over again, with little or no genuine comprehension of what the writer said or what God intended for you to learn. Our complex lives cause us to make so many other things more important than God or His Word...I know because I lived that way for my own 40 years in the wilderness. 

Think about how packed your life is today with all your many responsibilities. We all have schedules to meet and work to get done. We have children to manage, schools to attend, radio's to listen to and TV's that fill your mind with foolishness and fantasy. By the time we crawl into bed at night, who has time to study the Word of God and pray with a contrite heart? Some of us go through the motions and fall asleep in the process. Others just shrug their shoulders and plan to save it for another night. 

This blog intends to fill an important gap for those in a hurry by stimulating your ability to think about God, your soul and your lives, both in this life and the next. There are no jokes or clever lines here, just solid spiritual meat and potatoes for you to cut up and chew all you want as you strive for knowledge of God and understanding of his words. According to Proverbs 2, if you accomplish this part, He will then impart "wisdom" to you, and from there the Bible says, you will learn, "discretion" that will preserve you.

This blog cannot be skimmed anymore than whatever version of God's Word you have in your possession. My perspective is as unbiased as possible, but will never be perfect. My attitude affects my writing. The pain in my right hip affects my writing, as do all of the family relationships in my life...Remember only God's Word is perfect! I am a redeemed sinner with a gift that I believe came from my Lord; and so I will continue to write...

The Digital Disciple


  1. I can write long blogs as well. I am currently taking some blog workshops once a month at my church for blogging ministry. What they suggest is if you are going to write a long blog, to break that blog up into small parts to make it easier for the reader to digest. I don't always do that, but if you have readers that are complaining,then that might be a good thing for you to do.

    I am following you! Keep up the good work in making great blogs!

  2. My apology for the tardiness of my reply...I thought it was done long ago, but somehow it never got posted. I appreciate this feedback and any other you might wish to provide. Brevity is not one of my strong suits, especially when the words just seem to keep rolling right to my keyboard.



Hearing from you is certainly not a requirement. Consideration of what is researched and written is all I ask of anyone who stumbles upon my writings. I believe that my God will take it from there. With His help I try to separate fact from fiction, sense from nonsense, and ultimately clarity from chaos.


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