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                                                                                     PURE WHITE TULIPS
Fascinating hardly describes or does justice to the clear, unmistakable path laid out by God the Father for each of our lives. This path is divine and is the primary requisite for all those who believe...This divine dictum may be the singularly most important part of true spiritual growth. 

Nestled in the early chapters of Proverbs we find a 4,000 year old the divine formula that can spiritually evolve any believer to new levels of righteousness before God. When you are born-again, you are quite literally transformed from a sinner to a saint. Please don't confuse "saint" with any other batch of saints from another religious order. I am talking about those who have become saints in the NT use of that word; a saint is a believer. So now that you have become a saint with your name indelibly recorded in the "Lamb's Book of Life," you need to evolve toward the spiritual goal of perfect righteousness, and Proverbs blazes a divine path for all saints, who care to ascend on His divine path.

You see we have all sorts of saints. Some stand in place or tread water for years. Some actually retreat into prior sinfulness. Some go back and forth with one foot in and one foot out for years, even life sometimes. These are the "froward" chameleons we are warned about all through the Bible. In the world, they look, smell and act "worldly." In church, they look, smell and act like saints. So what are they really? I call them chameleons, but only God really knows their destiny or has the right to judge.

For the saint that genuinely wants to pursue godliness and righteousness, there is only one path. Believe it or not there is a real, this world, this time, divine promise that happens, NOW, to those who follow His path towards a perfect spirit. Even though I have definitely have put the "cart before the horse," all saints need to know this truth. God promises to lengthen your life here on earth, if you listen, learn and heed his direction. Here is the proof:

  1. Proverbs 3:2 "For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee."
  2. Proverbs 3:16 "Length of days is in her right hand; an in her left hand riches and honour."
  3. Proverbs 4:4 "He taught me also, and said unto me, Let thine heart retain my words; keep my commandments, and LIVE.
The early chapters of Proverbs are my personal favorite teachings for several reasons, not the least of which is that they were written by King Solomon himself many years ago, sometime after he became the second King of the combined Jewish nation. If you recall from an earlier post, Solomon was given a wish by God Almighty, and he chose neither riches or power, but WISDOM. God was so impressed with His new King that he gave it to him, along with riches and power at a later date. Somehow Solomon knew that there was only one place to obtain wisdom, and that was from God directly. Proverbs is all about wisdom and confirms its value to be beyond any riches or power in this world. Solomon refers to it often as "her," so when you read it do not get confused. He also refers to "her" metaphorically as a "Tree of Life."
                                           How High Can You Grow?
This metaphor is simpler, and hopefully easier for the average saint to grasp and hold dear. Early in the life of a white tulip, while still completely submerged in soil, it begins to grow some roots. Life will only continue if it can find water and the rich nutrients contained in the same dirt that was used to create us. A similar search by a saint is for knowledge and understanding. Without those nutrients the tulip will never make it through the soil to find sunlight. Knowledge and understanding of the words of God, including his commandments, will create the spiritual strength needed to breakout and grow toward the light of God. 

Now that it has broken through all resistance, the stem can begin its climb. The accumulation of knowledge and understanding was done by the saint on his or her own. The stem and its growth come from God in the form of DIVINE WISDOM. He takes your knowledge and understanding, forging a new gift to us all. Once imparted the stem can grow straight and unfettered by the world around it. Soon after the stem of wisdom is complete, begins the magnificent blossom of HEAVENLY DISCRETION.  

In Proverbs 2:10, Solomon says that when wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant to thy soul; DISCRETION shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee. We will study discretion at a later date, but you need to take stock of your own, personal spiritual evolution. Are you still underground groping around or have you fed on the Word of God and broken out into the light of God's clear plan for you?

                                               Buried to Blossom
God bless all who read this and the Book of Proverbs, with the strength of knowledge and understanding, so that they may live long and prosper.

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  1. I do like the book of Proverbs! It's definitely full of wisdom we can use for everyday living. However, keep in mind, that Proverbs are not guarantees of how life will go...they are general guidelines. With that being said, there will always be exceptions to the rule.

    1. Dear CiMP: Thanks for your comments...Proverbs 2 is a very special chapter for me. Since I use a home computer, a tablet and a cell phone, I get to carry scripture with me at all times. They are all set to open to the same page. It is my personal foundation, before studying any further. There is something spiritually electric in that passage that drowns out the noise of the world and creates focus, even if it is only for minutes. God bless your ministry!



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