Wednesday, February 25, 2015


                                          FROZEN IN ICE

It's been months since my last post...I said I would be out for surgery on my left hip, and as of today my mind is clear enough to begin my study. By the way,  our Heavenly Father has made it abundantly clear to me that I am behind. My surgery on the hip was amazing. Advanced capabilities, especially on wound closure and infection reduction are light years ahead of my last hip replacement some seven years before. I will start with the positive and tell you what happened to me in the areas of pain and medication management in the O.R., the recovery area and in my room. 

While it was not funny at all during the last week of October and all of November, my family and I were run through the proverbial 
mill. The good news is that I, quite literally, lost my mind for four days, because I was accidentally given pain medications that I have been allergic to for many years. Lack of historical information and incomplete current records, caused a meltdown in the recovery room, the hospital room and the first few days in rehab. When dealing with morphine, it's close family members and synthetic derivatives, you get a Chinese fire drill of the worst kind. These medications immediately caused hallucinations 
and no pain relief. I was in surgery for less than 2 hours, but spent more than 5 hours in recovery. I was writhing in pain and screaming at the top of my lungs, while the nurses and doctors tried to relieve the pain and wake me up at the same time. Despite all my antics, I was not awake, so I missed all of the fireworks. Unfortunately, my wife did not...

                                    PARTIALLY FROZEN IN ICE

But now I am back, very late, but back! I am still in outpatient rehabilitation, but I am without most pain and now must get my strength back physically and spiritually. There are 3 more churches that Jesus, through the angel of each church, makes known His heavenly opinion of their earthly lives. If you have noticed in the first 4 churches, Jesus handed out very few compliments, and coupled caustic, excruciating judgement on how they are really deceiving, not only themselves, but also the other believers around them.

Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea are the names of the remaining cities.  Each is away from the sea with their own established trade routes that are their lifeline to the ships in the port cities. Sardis was the furthest north west. Jesus said that this group of believers had a reputation for vigor and zeal. On the surface, this sounds pretty good, so you have to look closely...You see, a reputation is something that you are known for by things you have done in the past. Jesus is saying, you started out like a rocket with the true gospel and then, once the fuel ran low, you stalled, falling back to a place before where you began. Those of you who exist in frigid climates know that as long as your vehicle is moving, it's warm and functional. If moisture sneaks in and condenses, it is likely to freeze the flow of the fuel. What happens then? Condensed moisture that freezes might seems insignificant, until you can't start the vehicle. That little bit of moisture can stop the most powerful engine in its tracks, and then the heat soon dissipates and the whole vehicle stops, frozen in time and space. 

                                    COMPLETELY FROZEN IN ICE

Spiritually the same thing happens in our lives. Jesus calls this state of Christianity, "desperate," in Revelation. Nothing started can be finished as long as your spiritual fuel line is frozen. Sometimes moisture gets in without your direct involvement. Sometimes it seeps in just a little bit at a time, as you compromise yourself and/or your God. Sometimes you are just careless with your gift from Jesus himself, causing yourself to stumble and fall. Sometimes you trip over those obstacles placed in your path by the evil one and his followers. A frozen Christian man or woman is in the words of Jesus, "desperate." You can't see, feel, touch, or smell anything. Being physically alive on the outside, yet spiritually and/or emotionally frozen solid on the inside is worse than repelling down the wrong path. Going up or down means you are still able to move and think for yourself. You can contact God at any time. If you are frozen, you are in the worst place possible in this life. Believe me, I know about this first hand!

Sardis once teemed with life and enthusiasm for their Lord and Savior. Fortunately their "freeze," did not happen instantaneously. You are not flash frozen with no hope. It always starts with that little bit of seemingly harmless moisture that initiates the process of a frozen heart and soul. If you are experiencing the chill of Sardis in your life, it's time to turn up the heat, start the fireplace and move forward for God. 

                                     THAW OUT WITH GOD

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