Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Marketing in the 21st century has taken a serious turn for the worse...All you have to do is listen to the news, watch a commercial or browse the internet. No matter where you go something is being thrust in your face that makes you think you need it or should be afraid of it. Every program has an agenda, every news story is bent, twisted and exaggerated, every talk radio show claims to discuss the unadulterated truth from an unbiased perspective. They want to give you the benefit of their wisdom, because just presenting the facts and letting you form your own conclusions would be far less interesting and far less lucrative. 

The definition of success in most countries today is determined by wealth and power. No matter what your nationality or skin color, you are bombarded with highly specialized marketing that daily interrupts your ability to decide what is right and wrong in your own mind, replacing it with what you should think. This usurpation of thinking and making an informed decision based on the facts at hand is undermining more than 5000 years of recorded human history. Public opinion, lead by the merciless and relentless marketing efforts of those in a position to gain wealth and/or power, have permanently stunted the growth of independent decision making on a massive scale. Shame on us for turning victims into criminals...Shame on us for turning wrong into right...Shame on us for making black and white into gray, so that no one can discern the truth from a lie, winning from losing, guilty from innocent, beautiful from ugly, good from evil, weak from strong, or war from peace.
Our Lord's message to the people in Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea ring loudly with His opinion based on personal observation of each city. To Sardis, He says, "I see right through
your work." "You have a reputation for vigor and zest, but you're dead, stone dead." To Philadelphia, He says, "I see what you have done." "You used what you had to keep my Word." "You didn't deny me when times were tough." To Laodicea, He says, "I know you inside and out..." "You're not cold, you're not hot..." "You brag that you are rich, that you have it made, and that you need nothing from anyone." Verse 18 in Revelation 3 says, "Here's what I want from all of you:"

  1. BUY YOUR GOLD FROM ME-it's been through the refiner's fire. Then you will be rich.
  2. BUY YOUR CLOTHES FROM ME-they have been designed in Heaven, you have gone around half-naked long enough.
  3. BUY YOUR MEDICINE FROM ME-with this medicine you can see, really see.
One of the seven churches or a combination of them, spells out your life whether you like it or not. These are not my words, they are His words of truth to live by everywhere and anywhere you go from birth, through death and into eternity. You may buy some silver or gold in this world because the marketeers have stolen your attention away from God. You may have purchased your clothes at one of the many places advertised every day, and finally we all make monthly trips to fill our prescriptions, so that we can live healthier and longer, but a prescription from Jesus opens your eyes so that you can see what He does! This sight fills not just your head, but your heart and soul. Only then will the perpetual noise of this world be filtered, so that you can live with contentment, in peace and harmony with true discernment and  God-given wisdom. This identity can never be hacked, stolen or altered. Your name is "indelibly"written in the Book of Life.

Please BUY from GOD, he is open 24/7.

It starts on your knees...

God Bless,

The Digital Disciple

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Marketing in the 21st century has taken a serious turn for the worse...All you have to do is listen to the news, watch a commercia...